A Birthday Present for Mozart

On the 250th Birthday anniversary of Mozart, the newly renovated Theater der Wien will be used to present Opera in Vienna. Throughout all of 2006, plans have been made to premiere Mozart-themed performances here. Each of the performances has been entrusted to different well known European directors. Krystian Lupa will be one of those directors, whose work will be performed in the company of directors such as Jurgen Flimm and Patrice Chereau. Lupa will apparently put on "The Enchanted Flute."

This will mark Krysian Lupa's operatic debut and is the effect of his other works having been so well recieved in Vienna. The premiere of "The Enchanted Flute" will be on the 13th of May, 2006. Just like the other directors, Lupa recieved an excellent partner to work with - Daniel Harding.

The plays at the Theater an der Wien will be accompanied by numerous concerts, and special theatrical projects by one of the best avant-garde artists - Peter Sellars. The famous American choreographer John Neumeier will be in charge of putting on a balet version of 'Requiem.'

Vienna is also preparing two galleries. The first will be in Mozart's apartment, on Domgasse street 5, the second is put on by Albertina. These second galleries will recall life of the composer and his contemporaries, and also present how his music was recieved from the XIX century onward.

The festival in Salzburg will also be of a special sort in 2006. For the first time in its' history, the oldest of Europe's cultural events will feature all 22 of Mozart's stage works. Some will be presented in concert version, but there will be no lack of ingenuity.

Amongst the maestros invited to Salsburg next year is the Polish tenor Piotr Beczała, who will take part in "Don Giovanni," directed by Martin Kuseja, with music by Daniel Harding.


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