A Celebration of Spanish Culture

A gallery with drawings by Salvador Dali, theater premieres, a reading of 'Don Quixote," and awards for literary translations - that's how the Warsaw Cervantes Institute will celebrate the year of its' patron.

On Friday, the 22nd of April, 'Dali and the dualism of Quixote,' by Albert Boadella, one of the best Spanish dramatists and directors, will have its' premiere. Boadella is also the head of the 'Els Joglars' theater group, one of the leading theater formations in Spain over the past 40 years.

Also on Friday, the Warsaw National Museum will feature a gallery titled "Salvador Dali - illustrator,' where one can view over 150 examples of Hannelore Neumann and Helmutt Rebmann's collection from Stuttgart, amongst others 'The Apocalypse of St. John,' and illustrations to 'Don Quixote,' along with many other graphic designs, sculpts and what not.

During the gallery, the 'Colla de castellers' group from the University of Gironie will present a pyramid made of people, in Hispanic tradition. The creation of 'els castells' is an old Canton tradition; the art of which requires, according to the Spanish, a sense for balance, solidarity, peace and muscles of steel. Traditional Spanish music will accompany the event.

On Saturday, the 23rd of April, the Cervantes Institute will, in conjunction with International Book Day and Don Quixote Year in Poland, oragnize a reading of Don Quixote. It will last at least four hours. The public reading will commence with ambassadors of Spanish speaking countries taking the lead roles. Following this, anyone from the general public may take part in the reading, whether in Spanish or in Polish.

The public reading of Don Quixote is a multi-year tradition in Spain. It is the way the Spanish celebrate International Book Day. Famous artists and statesmen take part in it.


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