Berlin. Warsztaty z techniki Jerzego Grotowskiego

W dniach 15-17 lutego w Berlinie odbędą się warsztaty z techniki Jerzego Grotowskiego, które poprowadzi Teresa Nawrot. Warsztaty są przeznaczone dla aktorów, ale nie tylko. Znajomość języka niemieckiego nie jest wymagana.

Physical theatre workshop | based on the technique of Jerzy Grotowski

How do we express ourselves through our body?

How can we feel through our body?

How do we communicate through our body - in life and on stage?

Our body is present in everything we do.

In this workshop you will experience the strength of your body as a driving force for your creative work.

On stage your body is not only a tool but the source of emotional authenticity for concentrated partner play and impulsive action.

In this workshop you will learn to connect body and mind in your acting and expand your abilities to express yourself. .

We will study Grotowski´s physical alphabet to enhance your corporeal expressiveness. In guided improvisations you will get in touch with yourself and others around you. Our focus will be on learning how to stay in the moment, how to sharpen your concentration and to react authentically without judging or blocking your emotions. You will overcome corporeal restrictions, gain a new confidence in your potential as an actor and learn to interact freely on stage.

In the 1960s and 1970s theatre director Jerzy Grotowski revolutionized theatre and drama worldwide. He focused on the actor, giving less importance to costumes, make up, props and the theatre stage.

The work of Grotowski is still a phenomenon of contemporary culture and has lost none of its topicality and innovation in its artistic views and acting principles.

Our workshop is aimed at actors and aspiring actors, as well as artists from the field of dance, acrobatics or physical theater.

Instructors: The workshop will be led by Josefine Heidt, actress and acting coach for the Grotowski technique and Prof. Teresa Nawrot. Teresa was Grotowski´s assistance for 14 years and is worldwide the only active acting coach, that was trained by Grotowski himself.

The workshop will be taught in German and English.

Number of participants: 8 - 14 people

DATES: Friday, 15.02. 15 - 18h

Saturday, 16.02. 11 - 14h

Sunday, 17.02. 12 - 15h

ACCOMMODATION: For workshop participants from outside of Berlin, it is possible to spend the night in the rooms of the Reduta acting school. A small breakfast is provided. However, please do bring your own yoga mat and bedding (sleeping bag and pillow).

PRICE: 175, - Euro standard rate

195, - Euro with overnight stay

75, - Euro for former students of Reduta Berlin and German job-seekers.

REGISTRATION: via phone 030 / 693 55 49 or Email

Binding registration at the latest until the 8th of February 2019.


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